Creditcall and Gravity Payments deliver EMV SDKs

Source: Creditcall

Creditcall, the EMV-ready payment gateway and EMV migration specialist, has partnered with trusted credit card processing and financial services company Gravity Payments to simplify and speed up the EMV migration process for ISVs, VARs, and developers.

With the October 1st Liability Shift looming, the integration of Creditcall’s ChipDNA EMV SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux, paired with Gravity Payments’ payment platform, GravityPay, allows integrators to benefit from the fastest and easiest path to EMV.

Creditcall Brings Fast EMV and P2PE Protection toGravityPay

By combining ChipDNA with GravityPay, developers can add PIN pads to existing POS systems to ensure merchants are EMV-ready with the highest level of cardholder data protection through point to point encryption (P2PE).
Creditcall’s EMV SDKs can also help de-scope merchants from PCI DSS, as all sensitive card holder data is securely encrypted with P2PE and handled directly by Creditcall’s payment gateway. While EMV migration solves the issue of card skimming, it cannot prevent a data breach. With Creditcall’s P2PE, cardholder data is encrypted, making it useless to hackers if a merchant’s POS is compromised. The integration of Creditcall’s EMV SDKs and GravityPaygives ISVs and VARs a cost effective and best-in-class tool to protect merchants from data breaches.

EMV Chip Card Reader Flexibility and Hardware Freedom of Choice

Creditcall has integrated the most widely used EMV payment devices directly into its SDKs. This allows ISVs and VARs to choose the EMV payment device that best suits their application without having to devote any of their own resources to integrating those devices.

These payment devices, in conjunction with ChipDNA are being certified with the major US and Canadian processors, allowing merchants to choose their preferred one.

“ISVs and VARs face many roadblocks when migrating their solutions to EMV. They are finding the process of upgrading and certifying their applications to support EMV payments complicated, costly, and resource intensive,” said Shawn Wright, Gravity Payments’ Director of Partner Relations.

“Creditcall solves these challenges with its ChipDNA EMV SDKs. This solution offers straightforward integration platforms in which the headache around achieving an EMV certification has been taken care of by Creditcall. By combining Gravity Payments’ EMV ready payment platforms with Creditcall’s EMV SDKs, we can offer our IT channel partners a one-stop-shop for the EMV transition.”

“We are proud that Gravity Payments has selected Creditcall as their EMV migration partner. Together, we will help to level the playing field for ISVs, VARs, and developers to help small businesses by offering the simplest and fastest path to EMV Migration and P2PE,” saidJeremy Gumbley, CTO of Creditcall. “As we near the liability shift, organizations feel the pressure to ensure they are EMV-ready, integrators will look for the fastest way to achieve EMV certification. Our collaboration with Gravity Payments will make this process easier for the many developers, ISVs and VARs.”

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