SQR Systems unveils mobile communication encryption app

Source: SQR Systems

SQR Systems, a London based cyber security start-up is launching a new mobile encryption application, CEERUS.

Targeted at businesses and professionals who need to ensure the complete confidentiality of their mobile communications, CEERUS is the only app to provide secure voice, video and messaging using Mikey-Sakke, the latest standard for secure key exchange used by the British Government. The app offers end-to-end secure voice, video calls and messaging and encrypts all content both on device and in transit.

Unlike traditional encryption software CEERUS’s patented combined compression and encryption technology ensures that performance, call quality and user experience are not compromised in any way for the sake of security. For business users the app offers an API for customisation and ease of integration into existing enterprise systems. The software is currently available either as a stand-alone app downloadable from the Google Play Store or as a custom deployment on existing enterprise infrastructure. An iPhone version is due for release in the fourth quarter of 2015.

The CEERUS mobile encryption software was originally developed by SQR Systems through research projects in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence and various Government agencies. SQR Systems is based in the CyLon accelerator with the ambition to build a thriving cyber security start-up scene in the heart of London. As an established company, SQR Systems has chosen to work alongside the selected entrepreneurs to contribute to the community of security start-ups.

Dr Nithin Thomas, CEO of SQR Systems comments: “The frustrations of dropped calls and frozen video are aggravated by traditional security technologies but CEERUS delivers highly secure voice, video and data communications optimised for each user’s device and connection. We drive good behaviour and user adoption of secure communications within an organisation by delivering the same user experience as widely used apps like WhatsApp and Skype, whilst ensuring the organisation is protecting its valuable IP and sensitive information at the highest level”.

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