Fime expands US headquartes to meet EMV demands

Source: FIME

As the U.S. payments landscape evolves with the migration to EMV chip, popularity of Apple Pay and the anticipated release of Samsung Pay, demand for EMV-ready mobile and contactless payment solutions is rising rapidly.

To meet the needs of the growing industry, leading payments consultancy FIME today announced an expansion of their U.S. operations in San Jose, California.

The FIME office is ISO 17025-compliant, and has achieved EMVCo Level 1 accreditation to test that contactless EMV chip cards and mobile payment devices are in compliance with EMVCo requirements. In addition, FIME is accredited by Discover and MasterCard to support card and device manufacturers in achieving compliance to their respective contactless requirements.

“FIME’s experience implementing contactless card and mobile payment products around the world provides us with a unique perspective on product development and implementation for the U.S. market,” said Xavier Giandominici, director of FIME America. “Our experience with these processes helps us provide our customers with end-to-end support, which is a real advantage for our customers that are trying to get a solution to market as quick as possible.”
In addition to FIME’s new contactless offerings, the laboratory at the San Jose office also offers full-service market integration support including software development, professional services, consultancy and certification testing for contact and contactless card and mobile solutions.

With offices in the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, FIME has extensive experience in consulting issuers and acquirers on global contactless card and mobile payment solution implementations from initial education through to successful implementation. In the North Americas, FIME works closely with payment brands, industry participants and the cross-industry EMV Migration Forum to advance EMV chip migration.

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