BancorpSouth extends SunGard's BancWare implementation

Source: SunGard

SunGard today announced that BancorpSouth will be using SunGard's BancWare solution suite to provide customer-level profitability analysis to management, business line users and loan officers.

The comprehensive BancWare solution includes SunGard's Basel II Capital Manager for regulatory and economic capital management, BancWare Profitability, and BancWare Funds Transfer Pricing. BancorpSouth has been using BancWare for asset/liability management (ALM) and data integration for five years. The SunGard solution will provide enterprise-wide risk management for the organization through a centralized database that integrates risk, profitability and capital management, and provides Web-based distribution of reports and analysis.

BancorpSouth had been looking to improve decision support within its lending business. The bank's goal is to use detailed data on customer and relationship profitability to gain a better understanding of the business that loan officers are underwriting. SunGard's ability to perform pre-loaded Basel II capital calculations and calibrate the analytic models under one integrated solution was a unique proposition to BancorpSouth, and a key factor in the bank's decision to select SunGard. The centralized database and the fact that the bank could leverage its existing investment were also key factors in BancorpSouth's decision to select the BancWare solution suite. The same data integration feeds that already power BancWare ALM will go directly to BancWare Profitability, Funds Transfer Pricing and Basel II Capital Manager, and will help in shorter implementation time, greater automation and improved data accuracy and consistency.

Gregg Cowsert, vice chairman, lending, at BancorpSouth, said, "We selected BancWare for several reasons. We have five years of experience with BancWare's ALM program and have received great support from SunGard. BancWare's Basel II Capital Manager has many features that will help us to better understand the various risks in our credit portfolio, which we hope to turn into better pricing decisions. BancWare is also implementing its profitability solution to create a risk and performance system. We are looking forward to a successful implementation and the advantages we can gain from these coordinated solutions."

Terence Faherty, president of SunGard's BancWare business unit, said, "Risk managers responsible for the balance sheet can no longer rely on spreadsheets or loosely linked point solutions to manage risk and boost profitability. In order to solve the challenges related to compliance, integration with ALM and other sub-systems, data integrity and profitability management, they need integrated, transparent, auditable and customizable solutions that provide insight for proactive balance sheet and capital management. SunGard helps meet these demands with the BancWare integrated solution suite."

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