IFX Forum and Nexo deliver ISO 20022 specification

Source: The Interactive Financial eXchange (IFX) Forum

The Interactive Financial eXchange (IFX) Forum and nexo announced today that the Registration Authority of ISO 20022 has released on its official website the first set of messages related to the processing and management of Automated Teller Machines (ATM).

ISO 20022 is an international standard that describes a common platform for the development of electronic messages – a universal financial industry message standard.

To their intensive collaboration, the two associations brought complementary skills and expertise in the design and development of innovative content for ISO 20022. The new material will benefit stakeholders of the ATM industry, including banks, ATM deployers, ATM manufacturers and ATM software providers, by providing a single specification for all ATM implementations.

"Our ATM-POS Working Group has historically been one of our most active and productive IFX committees, but supplying the massive amount of new ATM-related content to ISO 20022 by ourselves would have been a daunting task," said IFX Forum Chairman Richard A. DuVall of ACI Worldwide. "However, when the possibility of collaborating in this effort with nexo presented itself, it made the endeavour more feasible. We are very pleased to deliver today, with nexo, this much-needed content, which has been requested by the whole ATM industry."

"The actual delivery today of the long-awaited ISO 20022-accepted set of messages for ATM management, having been developed through a unique cooperation between two key players in the standards industry, has demonstrated the strong commitment and ability of our associations to deliver needed ATM content to the industry in a timely manner. It is also worth noting that some organizations didn't wait for the official release of the standard and have already begun to implement our common specification in an operational environment," confirmed William Vanobberghen, Secretary General of nexo.

Both associations have made commitments to ensure the further evolution and periodic maintenance of the messages and to pursue addressing market requirements by delivering additional messages to cover any further needs of the industry, when required.

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