Yodlee adds Kubra to EBPP network

Source: Yodlee

Yodlee, Inc. today announced its partnership with KUBRA, extending the reach of Yodlee's Biller Network to include KUBRA's 140 biller clients.

The partnership highlights the unique value proposition that Yodlee brings to the biller community.

"Our goal is to enable billers to realize returns on their investment in online bill presentment and payment without having to sacrifice their direct relationships with customers," said Matthew Idema, Vice President of Global Business Development at Yodlee. "Billers have done a great job delivering online services to their customers and they can now distribute those services, via Yodlee, to banks and other consolidated bill pay services."

Biller Support

Yodlee is reaching out to leading billers to deliver the advantages of Yodlee's model, which include automated registration for first-time bill pay users, increased payment and self-service volume at the billers' web sites and programs to promote paper bill suppression.

"We are excited to be working with Yodlee, which will serve to strengthen our expansive distribution network of critical banking, portal and brokerage sites, enabling greater delivery options to our biller client base and their billing content," said Rick Watkin, President and CEO of KUBRA. "Yodlee enhances KUBRA's overall value proposition to the market by providing our customers with attractive options to multiple consolidator distribution relationships."

Benefits of the Yodlee Biller Network for Billers

  • Drive Adoption of Online Services - via Yodlee's unique Auto-Registration and Auto-Login functionality.
  • Lower Presentment Costs - because the HTML presentation layer processing and error handling is eliminated for billers, and users experience faster access to bill content.
  • Large Distribution Network - billers' customers can access, manage, and pay their bills at the biller site from a large network of Yodlee-powered services at most of the leading global FSPs.
  • Facilitate Online Customer Self-Service - online billing customers are more apt to also use online self-help for billing inquiries, alleviating customer care support center burdens.

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