Exegy unveils data entitlement and usage reporting hub

Source: Exegy Inc

Exegy Inc., a leading provider of managed services and technology for market data normalization and distribution, has announced today a new product that allows Exegy hardware-accelerated appliances to interoperate with multiple third-party data entitlement and usage reporting tools such as Thomson Reuters DACS.

 “Market participants employ our hardware-accelerated appliances and managed services in order to build a market data infrastructure with higher capacity, lower latency, more efficient scalability, and lower total cost. The Exegy Entitlement Hub now allows these firms to retain their data entitlement and usage reporting regime to minimize migration risk, effort, and cost,” says chief technology officer David Taylor.

Deployed as a fully managed appliance, the Exegy Entitlement Hub allows multiple Exegy hardware-accelerated market data appliances to simultaneously interface to multiple third-party entitlement management systems. This minimizes data usage fees and access liabilities by allowing firms to entitle, track, and report data usage to multiple data vendors using well-vetted tools and reports. When Exegy Entitlement Hub appliances are deployed for each regional entitlement system, the integrated solution allows entitlements to be controlled and monitored by region, by department, by group or by application. This level of flexibility provides for centralized management of global data entitlements across co-location, proximity, and corporate data centers. In turn, this allows firms to enforce a consistent data management and reporting regime which lowers risk and increases effectiveness in managing costs.

The Exegy Entitlement Hub has been developed in close partnership with existing Exegy customers. An extensive pilot program was completed with a major sell-side bank in the first quarter of 2015. Exegy is now preparing production deployments of Entitlement Hub appliances for sell-side and buy-side firms with deployments of Exegy hardware-accelerated appliances in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. “The Exegy Entitlement Hub is a logical extension of our rapid growth in supporting diverse, global, multi-asset market data enterprises,” says chief executive officer James O’Donnell. “It is also a reflection of our commitment to be an effective partner in improving performance and reducing total costs, while also minimizing migration risk and effort,” adds O’Donnell.

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