Seamless begins UK roll out of SEQR mobile payments app

Source: Seamless

Seamless’ (OMX:SEAM) mobile payment service SEQR, which this spring has become established as one of Europe’s leading mobile payment solutions, is continuing its rapid roll-out into new markets.

Having been introduced in a number of European countries in the spring, a couple of weeks ago the service was launched in the US and now it’s the UK’s turn.

Seamless has been working intensively in the UK preparing for launch. All of the technical conditions are now in place thanks to close strategic partnerships with parties including Optimal Payments, a global leader in online and mobile payment services.

“Launching SEQR in the US and the UK has been a top priority for us at Seamless. By offering a smart, adaptable mobile payment service, we’ve been able to attract some of the biggest operators in the market. Now that we’re starting to work with merchants and consumers, we’re creating the right conditions to be able to establish ourselves as the biggest mobile payments provider in the UK as well, a market with around 60 million potential customers,” says Peter Fredell, CEO of Seamless.

SEQR will be available in the UK from today and consumers will be able to transfer money instantly between each other, and buy products from several well-known brands through SEQR Shop on the Spot. By scanning a QR code, the customer can make instant purchases via, for example, an advert, a digital banner or a billboard.

The UK will also be the first country in which SEQR will offer a pre-paid account to process payments. Users will be able to use the SEQR app to transfer money from their bank account, monitor their balance in real time and top up the account with new funds as required.

“There’s been an extremely positive reception to SEQR from both technical suppliers and merchants. One of the benefits compared with other solutions is the low cost, easy integration with existing checkout systems. This, combined with leading technical functions such as Shop Spot and MyShop, means that SEQR is seen as an attractive choice as a mobile payment service,” says Gareth Gillatt, UK Country Manager for SEQR UK.

SEQR is being rolled out in the UK starting today, and the first merchants will be launched by the end of the summer.

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