Fonetic introduces multi-platform trade reconstruction technology

Source: Fonetic

Fonetic today unveiled ATRTM integra, the first linguistics-based trade reconstruction solution to automatically collect, analyse and match all trade-related data to their corresponding voice and text communications.

Using a sophisticated proprietary matching algorithm to power the world’s most-accurate trade reconstruction technology, ATRTM integra dissolves the ‘siloed’ systems that have come to typify the internal structure of financial firms, meaning that compliance teams can now have complete visibility across their global trade operations.

In an industry that has spent billions on being able to trade faster and make more money, a lack of investment in infrastructure to underpin and integrate front, middle and back office functions has created sets of complex and separately monitored ‘siloed’ systems complete with their own distinct data repositories. ATRTM integra seamlessly crosses these trading business lines, supporting all areas of the trading environment with everything from proactive front office trade surveillance and mismatched trade detection, to minimising time-consuming back office reconciliation processes.

Jose Luis Maupoey, head of trading product management, Fonetic, explains, “Huge amounts of time and money continue to be invested by banks needing to mine and scrub data to get the answers they need, only to find conflicting results, inconsistent numbers and reconciliation errors. For a post-crisis financial sector where regulatory scrutiny has heaped pressure on firms to better manage its data, this is simply not acceptable. ATRTM integra represents a critical step change for the industry, delivering the information that really matters to financial firms.”

Working in partnership with some of the world’s leading financial firms such as BBVA and Santander has given Fonetic invaluable insights into the unique complexities and challenges of the financial sector. Fonetic has used this insight to develop a solution that eliminates manual processes and minimises the chances of human error in the trading environment.

“Fast, reliable and accurate, ATRTM integra is a huge leap forward for compliance teams in search of a solution that can automate the collection, analysis and matching of huge volumes of trading data with their corresponding communications for business and regulatory purposes,” said Simon Richards, CEO, Fonetic USA. “Linking trades with communications provides huge business value in many trading activities, not least the ability to keep pace with ever-evolving regulatory requirements. ATRTM integra unlocks the hidden business value locked within trade communications data.”

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