Visa Europe partners with Computop to implement in Germany

Source: Visa Europe

Visa Europe is partnering with one of Germany’s most important Payment Service Providers (PSP), Computop, to implement the digital wallet V. me by Visa in German online retail payment solutions on a large scale.

As part of the strategic partnership, Computop will be in charge of the technical integration of by Visa as an online payment solution for German e-commerce retailers. Furthermore, Computop will implement V. me by Visa in essential e-commerce shop systems. Thereby, standard applications of Visa’s innovative payment solution will also be available to small and mid-sized merchants. Additionally, Visa and Computop will cooperate in terms of marketing, public relations and sales.

“With Computop, we have found a reliable and experienced partner to successfully implement V. me by Visa in Germany“, says Ulrich Keppler, Acceptance Development Central Europe for Visa Europe. “We expect our digital wallet to be available to first consumers as a convenient, fast and secure online payment solution by September 2015.“

Ralf Gladis, founder and CEO of Computop, also sees great potential in cooperating with Visa: “We will be in charge of technically implementing V. me by Visa, as well as drive sales. Working with Visa is a great opportunity for Computop, as it allows us to offer our e-commerce clients the potential access to 500 million Visa cards in Europe.” by Visa is a digital wallet which can be used throughout Europe. It was developed by Visa Europe and is offered to consumers by their bank. It allows consumers to include their debit and credit cards from various issuers in the digital wallet. The wallet can then be used to pay while shopping online. To do this, cardholders log in with their by Visa username and password and choose the card they would like to use to make the payment. Entering the card details is not necessary. The payment process is completed with three clicks, which makes the online shopping experience significantly faster and safer - especially when shopping on a mobile device. by Visa will also reduce the frequency of cart abandonment during check-out. The digital wallet is conveniently accessible with any browser, via PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones, and offers a consistent and comfortable user experience. In addition, using V. me by Visa as a payment method makes online shopping safer as the full card details are not shared with the retailer.

Visa Europe has already signed contracts for V. me by Visa with 14 other Payment Service Providers, such as First Data, AltaPay and Worldline. Throughout Europe, there are 40,000 retailers which accept payments with V. me by Visa including Currys, PC World and Clarks in the UK, and E.Leclerc in Poland, Ticetea and PC Componentes in Spain, as well PMU and Leclerc Drive in France. In Germany, nine of Visa Europe’s member banks have started pilot projects that enable their employees to make live transactions using V. me by Visa. In Germany, the digital wallet is scheduled to be available to bank customers by the end of 2015.

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