Zooz launches customer transaction insight tool for retailers

Source: Zooz

Zooz today launched its new Insights offering, which provides retailers with in-depth analysis of data from customer transactions.

The Insights are derived from transactions routed through Zooz’s intelligent payments platform.

Retail transactions generate considerable amounts of data about consumer preferences and the customer journey that too often go unleveraged due to lack of analysis tools. Insights empowers retailers to uncover everything from favored payment methods to products most popular among customers of different nationalities. The offering also analyzes the checkout process to uncover crucial data such the card type and payment currencies most likely to be declined by processors.

“Using data strategically brings out that ultimate competitive edge and improves profit margins,” comments Andrei Charniauski, Head of Europe at IDC Financial Insights. “While most enterprises have access to their transactional data, few have efficient capabilities to analyze it and – most importantly – make instant operational changes based on insights.”

Insights helps retailers:

- Optimize the customer journey across all channels and internationally
- Route payments based on business intelligence and data analysis including risk and tax calculations, use of 3DS and international payment methods
- Connect to local financial institutions to reduce the burdens of global expansion
- Collect and centralize information from all financial institutions and retail channels into a single data portal

“In order to differentiate themselves in today’s market, retailers must be able to access, understand and leverage the hidden data contained in their customer interactions,” said Oren Levy, CEO and co-founder of Zooz. “The actionable intelligence we provide through Insights enables retailers to maximize their business performance and optimize each customer journey.” 

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