SIX and Payment Services Austria extend debit card processing deal

Source: SIX Payment Services

SIX Payment Services (SIX) and Payment Services Austria GmbH (PSA) will continue their successful cooperation in the settlement of debit card transactions.

The partnership between the two companies, which began in 2011, covers the processing of all PSA card-based payment transactions and will be extended by another five years.

SIX, as market leader in the processing of card transactions in Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland, is taking an important position at the core of payment transactions. As the central processing partner, SIX ensures that all PSA debit card and ATM transactions (payments and cash withdrawals) are handled securely and reliably around the clock. SIX operates a stable and powerful processing platform, which is one of the most modern in Europe - it is stable, secure and available and supports innovative forms of payments, such as "contactless".

PSA, which is owned by Austrian banks, is responsible for the servicing of all circulating debit cards, as well as the maintenance of the ATM system in Austria. In 2014, approximately 559 million transactions involving approximately 9 million debit cards and nearly 7800 ATMs were handled by the PSA.

"We have a long-term, successful relationship with PSA and are looking forward to continuing working together. Our mission is to be a true partner for our customer and to work cooperatively at all levels”, said Luc Holper, Head Financial Services Industry SIX Payment Services.

The infrastructure of SIX covers millions of financial transactions every day. In 2014, SIX processed 25.7 million credit-, debit- and other payment cards and 3.16 billion card transactions. The platform is well-equipped to handle the current transaction volumes several times over.

"We started working with SIX in 2011. It has been very successful and we are pleased to continue this relationship going forward. This ensures that our customers and banking partners can count on the usual high quality when it comes to the settlement of payment transactions”, said Dr. Rainer Schamberger, CEO of PSA.

SIX is well-positioned at the forefront of technology to support PSA in the settlement of all payment transactions. With its platform, SIX not only offers the latest technology but also meets the highest international safety requirements with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

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