Standard Chartered selects Jive communication and collaboration tech

Source: Jive Software

Jive Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: JIVE) today announced that Standard Chartered, a leading international banking group, has selected Jive’s enterprise communication and collaboration solutions to enable its 90,000 global employees to connect with each other and collaborate more effectively.

The bank’s new Jive-n internal community solution will reach across 70 countries to increase employee engagement and productivity, and to help the company better attract and retain staff and customers.

With half of its workforce aged under 30, and over 95 percent of its employees working across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Standard Chartered’s staff come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and span the generations. In order to bridge these influences and empower employees to adopt more collaborative workstyles, the bank will seamlessly combine peer-to-peer collaboration, formal internal communications, and a human resources help desk into a digital workplace hub built on Jive.

“Our international network is one of Standard Chartered’s key differentiators, which is why we’ve made collaboration a top strategic priority for the company. Jive will further our competitive advantage by breaking down silos across locations, languages and business divisions so we can all work better together as we bring our valuable expertise to customers,” said Mark Devadason, accountable executive for the project at Standard Chartered. “When our tech savvy employees come to work, they expect the same social and mobile capabilities that they’re used to enjoying in their personal lives, and we chose Jive because it will help us meet those expectations through a best-in-class community that supports each employee’s own unique style of collaboration.”

Standard Chartered will begin rolling out Jive to its global workforce later this year, replacing the company’s previous communications channels with an interactive collaboration platform. Jive will provide critical internal groups – such as dispersed branch managers, business and talent development teams, and even the company’s senior executives – with a venue to share and build upon each other’s best practices, ideas and strategies. Rather than re-inventing the wheel for each location or sales deal, the new platform will make it easy for staff to share their expertise for the benefit of the entire international network.

“Standard Chartered’s award-winning digital offerings are the hallmark of excellence in the internet banking industry, and it’s exciting to see the company apply a similarly innovative approach to its internal collaboration capabilities,” said David Macmillan, general manager of EMEA at Jive Software. “By allowing employees to work with whatever devices or office productivity tools they prefer, Jive will help the bank foster a wide variety of different workstyles and garner real business value from the best collaboration and communications solution on the market.”

Dating back to 1853, Standard Chartered is now one of the top 25 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. It provides banking services for the people and companies driving investment, trade and the creation of wealth across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, where it earns around 90 percent of its income and profits. Jive is meeting the bank’s stringent regulatory requirements through an on-premise deployment in Standard Chartered’s Hong Kong data center, and also offers the flexibility to move collaboration into the cloud as the organization’s compliance needs evolve.

Standard Chartered is one of several financial services institutions – such as Bank of the West, Credit Suisse, Euroclear Bank, FICO, Grant Thornton and Prudential – that use Jive-based internal and external communities to increase deal success, customer satisfaction, innovation and efficiency, while controlling operational costs. 

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