Remium extends use of Ullink tech

Source: Ullink

Ullink, a global provider of market leading electronic trading and connectivity solutions and Remium, a leading liquidity provider in the Nordic markets, today announced the successful deployment of the Ullink Market Making solution as part of an extension of Remium’s existing Ullink DMA and connectivity platform.

Remium is a leading player in the capital market for small and mid-caps. Remium offers a full range of capital market services in Corporate Finance, Equity Research, Equity Sales and Asset Management. Remium is also leading Market Maker and Certified Advisor on NASDAQ Stockholm and offers Investor Relations services as to listed companies.

Remium has relied on Ullink’s robust low-latency client and market connectivity solutions and “low-touch” DMA for over 5 years. Building on this successful relationship, Remium decided to extend its existing platform with Ullink’s new and sophisticated propriety auto-quoter for managing the liquidity provider service in small and mid-cap equities. Connectivity to Nasdaq Nordic markets is established via direct exchange gateways, hosted in Ullink’s market leading UL Bridge connectivity platform. The entire solution is provided as a fully-managed service hosted in Ullink’s regional data center.

The Ullink Market Making solution is the latest addition to Ullink’s growing catalogue of sophisticated trading and connectivity products, deployed in modular fashion within Ullink’s extensive connectivity and desktop framework. It includes rich real-time position monitoring and risk analysis to continually tailor auto-quoting behavior and contains anti-gaming features to detect and prevent manipulation of quotes through other participants’ activity.

“We have chosen Ullink’s Market Making solution based on its large capabilities for controlling quoting behavior, and ability to safely automate quoting for a large number of instruments in fast moving markets. As a long term customer to Ullink’s direct market access and client connectivity solutions we feel confident that the solution will be robust, innovative and highly performing”, said Remium’s CEO, Petra Sas.

Richard Bentley, Chief Strategy Officer at Ullink, added, “We are delighted to extend our successful relationship with Remium through expansion of the Ullink platform. We are excited about our new cross-product market making capabilities, which have been developed over two years with significant customer input”. 

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