HyperFeed to offer Bloomberg PhatPipe market data feed

Source: HyperFeed Technologies

HyperFeed Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:HYPR), a provider of ticker plant technologies, data distribution, smart order routing and managed data services to the financial community, today announced it will provide the global market with its open market data distribution platform, HMDP, that tightly integrates Bloomberg's Phat Pipe data feed.

This new addition to the core platform, which is based on Telerate's TRS platform licensed by HyperFeed, is the first in a series of products tailored to Bloomberg's PhatPipe that will enhance Bloomberg's PhatPipe offering.

HyperFeed will work with Bloomberg to ensure the enhanced market data platform sets new standards for open yet tightly integrated market data solutions. Over time, Bloomberg and HyperFeed will create additional offerings, including products that combine HyperFeed's low-latency, on-site ticker plant with Bloomberg's symbology and trusted reference data.

HyperFeed's market data distribution platform will serve as a key platform for distributing content from Bloomberg's PhatPipe service, which delivers real-time data to proprietary and in-house applications. Launched earlier this year, PhatPipe is the only "platform-agnostic" market data feed, enabling market participants to select data platform and feed handlers which best fit their technology needs.

"We are very pleased to have been selected by the world's leading global provider of financial content to provide them with our market data distribution system," said Paul Pluschkell, President and CEO of HyperFeed. "We want current TRS users to understand that their existing platform will continue to be an effective tool and that HyperFeed and Bloomberg are working on enhanced versions of the platform today."

Also agnostic, and engineered to support open-source technologies based on industry standards, HyperFeed's HMDP is considered among the most architecturally open platforms available. Derived from a proven market data distribution platform that interfaces with many different data feeds, the platform, integrates market data from many sources into many types of display or application software - transactional, web distribution, risk management, or other mid- and back-office systems. At its core is a high performance messaging system, generating extremely high levels of efficiency and reliability. Its producer/consumer model keeps the sources and the client applications independent; a distributed and location independent architecture avoids single points of failure. The system offers sophisticated permission and data management functions. HyperFeed's market data distribution platform API allows for distribution of market data and other services to users outside of the trading room.

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