P2P commercial property platform Proplend launches secondary market

Source: Proplend

Peer to Peer Lending Platform Proplend who specialise in loans secured against UK commercial property have launched a secondary market, the Proplend Loan Exchange (PLE), where Active Loans listed on their platform can be immediately bought and sold.

Brian Bartaby, CEO & Founder commented: "The market for P2P loans and investment is growing rapidly and we believe that the delivery of a Secondary Market is an important facility for our investors. It not only provides liquidity for existing lenders should they wish to exit a loan prior to maturity but offers all Proplend investors an opportunity to start earning interest immediately after investing."

Prior to the PLE investors could only lend through the In Funding channel, which is a good way to invest early in newly approved loans, and gives the widest choice of tranche level and investment amount; however investors do not start earning interest until the loan is fully funded and drawn down by the borrower. All loans listed on the PLE have already been drawn down by the borrower and are already delivering interest payments, therefore any new or existing Proplend investors can buy Active Loan Investments and instantly gain access to monthly income.

Proplend is dedicated to transparency and always ensures that investors have all the information they require to make informed investment decisions. Prior to making an investment all Proplend Lenders can view additional information on the loan, borrower and the tenancy. This same transparency is made available on the PLE. The investor is able to access all loan and property information, including the original amount invested.

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