Coinzone opens for business in Czech Republic

Source: Coinzone

Coinzone, a leading Bitcoin payment solution provider dedicated to making it easy for European merchants and consumers to use and accept digital currencies, today announced its launch in the Czech Republic.

Following fast on the heels of Coinzone’s recent launch in the UK market, where its payment gateway technology proved a major hit with acquiring merchants, the move marks the next stage in the company’s ongoing European expansion.

The first provider to offer dedicated Bitcoin transaction services fully supported by local banking partnerships in the Czech Republic, Coinzone’s fully compliant platform at last makes it quick, safe and easy for Czech merchants to use and accept the Bitcoin virtual currency.

The fully featured customised payment solution incorporates market-specific language and payment processing localisations that uniquely offer merchants the option of settlement in Czech Koruna, the local currency of the Czech Republic. Payouts are delivered quickly into service users bank accounts no matter how low the balance is.

“Unlike other providers which offer blanket solutions featuring currencies and language options that aren’t relevant to the local markets they serve, Coinzone is dedicated to giving European users the confidence of a service that incorporates local language and payment instruments - delivering funds direct from and to in-country bank accounts and in their local currency,” explains Manuel Heilmann, CEO and Co-Founder of Coinzone.

The launch of the new Coinzone service makes it easy for brick and mortar stores, restaurants, freelancers, and online merchants to accept Bitcoin payments for goods and services. With just a few simple clicks, merchants are able to accept Bitcoin mobile payments through Android and iOS apps, and the Coinzone platform features easy-to-install plugins for dozens of popular e-commerce platforms including Magento, Opencart and Shopware.

Alongside enabling a fraud free and chargeback free Bitcoin payment environment for merchants, Coinzone’s solution also gives consumers access to a simple and secure payment process that reveals no sensitive information.

The Czech Bitcoin community is flourishing and demand for the currency is booming; the region has a Bitcoin exchange and nine Bitcoin ATMs are now in operation as well as our local partner Bitperia.

“We are delighted to be serving such a forward thinking market where consumers and businesses alike are eager to participate in the innovative virtual currency revolution,” says Heilmann. “This is a fast-moving and exciting market and we hope our contribution will enable those users who are looking for a secure and trusted environment in which to transact. Our launch in Czech Republic represents the culmination of many months working to satisfy the expectations and demands of local merchants and resellers who’ve been crying out for a cutting-edge localised solution that meets specific local market needs. In the coming months we’ll be looking to extend our operations with the launch in additional Eastern and Southern European markets.”

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