Team One CU and MShift pilot mobile payments

Source: MShift

Team One Credit Union, Saginaw, MI and MShift, Inc., Newark, CA have begun pilot testing MShift's patented AnyWhereMobile™ mobile payment network (AnyWhereMobile) with a locally owned restaurant in Saginaw.

By offering AnyWhereMobile, Team One drastically lowers interchange fees for merchants in their community. AnyWhereMobile's interchange fees are significantly lower than those of plastic card networks on which Apple Pay and Google Wallet depend, enabling merchants to provide Team One members with loyalty incentives and rewards for using AnyWhereMobile. AnyWhereMobile's innovative approach to mobile payments allows Team One to continue earning good interchange income while at the same time provides a convenient mobile payment service that benefits their members and the merchants in their community.

AnyWhereMobile is seamlessly integrated into Team One's branded mobile banking app. After registering to use AnyWhereMobile through the Team One mobile banking app, Team One members can quickly, easily and securely make purchases at participating merchants and send real-time Person-to-Person (P2P) payments to anyone via their mobile phone number or email address. The roadmap for AnyWhereMobile includes adding the ability to make online and in-App purchases as well as support for NFC and finger print recognition.

"We are excited to be the first to launch AnyWhereMobile for both our individual and commercial members. We see AnyWhereMobile as an excellent way to offer convenient, exciting and cutting edge service to our members as well as a way to grow individual and commercial memberships and a means of maintaining our interchange income," states Gerald Hutto, President/CEO of Team One Credit Union.

"This is a historic moment for Team One and MShift as we process the first AnyWhereMobile transactions for a neighborhood merchant," said Scott Moeller, CEO and Founder of MShift. "These transactions represent a revolutionary transition into the age of digital payments in which there are no static credit or debit card numbers or their associated fraud risks. With AnyWhereMobile, mobile payments are the least expensive method to complete a transaction, compared to Apple Pay and Google Wallet, which are the most expensive. While plastic card networks benefit the few largest financial institutions, this newly innovated payment rail benefits exempt financial institutions, individuals and merchants."

In addition to offering AnyWhereMobile to its members and local merchants, Team One will also serve as the clearing bank for the settlement between credit unions and merchants for AnyWhereMobile transactions. On April 22, Team One and MShift will jointly present the AnyWhereMobile pilot case study and demo at the 2015 SymEast Conference in South Carolina.

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