Call Levels bring real-time investor alerts to the Apple Watch

Source: Call Levels

Call Levels, the first free mobile real-time financial monitoring and notification service, today announced a financial tool that combines the sophistication of today's expensive desktop market trackers with a simple mobile app .

The app, which is available today in both the Apple App Store and Google Play store, will also be available for the Apple Watch when it ships this month on the 24th.

"It's the only financial app suited for the Apple Watch form factor," stresses Call Levels co-founder, Cynthia Siantar. "In fact, it mirrors the attributes of the watch itself -- easy to use, reliable, accurate and on-the-go."

Call Levels is the only free mobile financial alert tool available that provides information in real-time from the world's major markets. The app lets users set alerts for 930 currency pairs; 13 commodities such as gold, silver and oil; 9 indices, and more than 500 U.S. equities -- with hundreds of new equities, based on market capitalization, being added each week. "By the time the Apple Watch is launched we anticipate having over 1000 equities available," Cynthia notes.

"Financial professionals have been long looking for a simple mobile monitoring and alert service that they can use when they are away from their desks," adds Daniel Chia, co-founder. "However, the mobile tool would have to provide real-time information to work for them. And, of course, it would have to be low cost, if not free. Users are not looking to recreate the sophisticated solutions they have in their office, just something basic but extremely useful. Developing the cloud based technology that would meet both these requirements is extremely difficult and at the center of our IP."

Siantar is quick to stress that the needs of investors at any sophistication level are the same as professionals.

"Our research indicates that most non-professionals are easily overwhelmed by the glut of information found on financial apps," Siantar added. "These apps may provide market alert features but they are often hidden, too difficult to understand with so many flashing numbers, and expensive. They typically assume the user has considerable financial background and there is little or no thought for the user experience. Call Levels buries the technical complexity under an elegant and intuitive user interface so the app is easy to understand and use, and highly reliable."

Setting an alert takes just a few simple clicks. Choose an asset you wish to track, set the desired price on the scroll bar, and hit enter. When a call level is hit, the user receives a push notification. Call Levels also provides a simple market snapshot with the most relevant information about the asset straight from the world's exchanges.

Call Levels can be downloaded on the Apple App store and Google Play store. For more information please go to

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