Proxama supplies HCE and tokenisation platform

Source: Proxama

Proxama, PLC, a leading provider of digital payment solutions for card issuing banks and processors, today unveiled its new Digital Enablement Platform (DEP), a suite of digital payments solutions to simplify card issuers’ adoption of NFC payments based on Host Card Emulation (HCE) and Tokenisation technologies.

Proxama’s DEP is an industry first because it allows card issuers to implement a complete end-to-end solution that delivers:

• HCE app provisioning, including EMVCo compliant tokenisation
• Transaction processing and de-tokenisation
• HCE Credential management for both Visa and MasterCard
• A secure HCE Payment SDK which enable NFC payments in an existing phone app such as mobile banking

Proxama’s DEP empowers issuers and processors to take control of their digital destiny with a solution that supports independent HCE deployments today and then grow with them as Apple Pay and other emerging payment models open out to in-house management and control. Issuers can now move quickly to HCE, with Proxama DEP providing all the necessary components in an integrated package. Users can also benefit from Proxama DEP’s modular deployment model, allowing some functions to be provided in-house, by card networks or by third-party components according to issuer preference.

“Proxama’s new Digital Enablement Platform has a rich heritage behind it, using Proxama components that are already powering the card issuing and processing operations in high profile financial institutions and service providers, including Nets and Fiserv,” says Rob Macmillan, VP Marketing for Proxama’s Digital Payments Division. “The Proxama team brings a unique and unparalleled skill set that touches all the key disciplines, from handset security to high performance transaction processing, and counts the card networks themselves as customers.”

Broadening the overall proposition, Proxama’s DEP can be fully integrated with Proxama’s range of mobile proximity marketing and loyalty services, enabling issuers and processors to use the enriched data gathered by Proxama DEP to target offers to customers’ smartphones, thereby driving incremental transaction volume and value. These products integrate smart loyalty, couponing and offers into the mobile experience through beacons, NFC tags and QR codes to create a complete end-to-end digital payments strategy.

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