PayLink, Albania goes live on BPC's SmartVista

Source: BPC Banking Technologies

BPC Banking Technologies, the leading provider of Open System payment solutions for financial industry, announces the launch of Processing Centre and Card Personalization Center for PayLink, Albania.

PayLink is a new processing company which facilitates switching and processing of bank transactions for both local and regional banks in addition to banks in neighboring countries. PayLink was founded as a single processor to act as a new payment ecosystem for local payments. It already serves Union Bank, Albania.

BPC has implemented an end-to-end comprehensive platform based on SmartVista and has fulfilled the migration process for Union Bank’s client portfolio. Supported by BPC PayLink is now ready to offer a wide range of MasterCard products in addition to issue a local card under the name of “PayLink” which will be offered to all future Union Bank clients.

PayLink has also been sourced to manage all Union Bank’s ATMs around the country through its SmartATM solution system. SmartATM’s efficient solutions system has aided in the overall management of terminal networks by reducing costs and minimizing technical downtimes.

“As a service company to the Albanian financial community it was vital for PayLink to have a flexible and highly available processing platform. SmartVista met all our business requirements and now we are confident in our ability to offer our clients innovative services and high-quality products. We are looking forward to drawing on the functional strengths of SmartVista to set a new level of payments processing in Albania, bringing even more products both to our clients and their customers”, said Mrs Liliana Nanaj, CEO PayLink, Albania.

“At the very beginning of the PayLink story, BPC has been selected as the solution for a growing number of national payment processing platforms. We are proud to have been selected to help Albania to have its own National Processing Centre that could serve even neighboring countries”, added Vasily Volynskiy, Managing Director Europe BPC Banking Technologies.

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