SONEAN and Infolytika launch web app visualising startup-investor relationship

Source: SONEAN

In a joint initiative, SONEAN and infolytika have developed an interactive web-based application that allows you to explore ties among startups and investors, and to manipulate the network visualization using different attributes, such as investor type, the investor's country and location.

The app provides a selected overview of 50 central Berlin-based startups and their investors (139 investors from 29 different countries and 99 cities). It shows their investors as of the beginning of 2015, as well as 271 other startup companies that also link to these investors. The app provides valuable insights for investment decision-making, ranging from identifying new investments and performing due diligence to exiting companies, as well as for weighing portfolio positions and engaging with companies in relation to corporate governance issues.

The application applies infolytika's technology to SONEAN's data, and is meant to be a free initiative to familiarize users with network analysis. It illustrates both the technology for interactive network visualization of infolytika and the data on startup-network ties of SONEAN.

infolytika is a startup specialized in tailor-made, cloud-based analytics and visualizations. They advocate close interplay of domain understanding, computing and design, paying regard to decision-making processes in building customized analytics solutions. Through a thoughtful combination of analytics and interactive visualization, they hope to make complex data more tangible. In particular, network data stands to benefit greatly from this type of rich interactive visualization that lets a decision maker explore and truly understand data, compared to when dealing with more simplistic model output.

SONEAN is a social network analysis based strategy consultant that brings a complementary perspective into investment processes that goes beyond financial and non-financial data to help identify risks and opportunities in a unique way. SONEAN is constantly monitoring over 5000 startup companies across Europe and beyond, and their ties to over 1000 relevant investors from across the world, including a wide range of investor types. SONEAN’s social network analytic approach will establish itself as a main pillar in investment decision making and affect the entire investment process, from identifying new investments, performing due diligence to exiting companies.

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