Russia's NSD launches corporate action reform website

Source: National Settlement Depository (NSD)

National Settlement Depository (NSD), Russia’s central securities depository (CSD), has launched a new website to gather feedback from its users about reforms to its corporate actions procedures.

Participants that plan to use the new electronic e-proxy voting technology in 2015 will now be able to find out more information about the reform online. 

One of the key tasks of the new NSD website is to provide bilateral interactions of NSD with all parties involved in the reform, to inform them about the progress of the reform and to receive feedback from them.

A quick and full delivery of information about the reform to the audience will allow them to implement unified approaches and standards in a timely manner and to synchronize the participants’ efforts during this process.

Issuers, depositors, registrars and other professional participants of the financial market will be able to find a detailed description of all aspects of the reform on the new website – from legal changes and timeframe of the reform to technological details and information about international experience in this sphere and course of the reform.

The reform is designed for taking the corporate action sphere to the entirely new level using international standards and newest technologies. For NSD as an initiator and proactive participant of the reform it is very important to know market participants’ opinions, to act in close cooperation with them providing the stakeholders with all required information.

The website developers claim to have made every effort to provide users with a quick and convenient navigation:

  • All information is presented in connection with corporate actions.
  • Each corporate action’s description includes a business model, a technological scheme, as well as formats of messages or their attributive composition, depending on a level of each issue’s elaboration.
  • The participants that plan to use the e-proxy voting technology in 2015 will be able to find new information about it on the website.
  • Information about formats of electronic interactions is regularly updated on the website. 

Feedback from participants of the reform is crucial for NSD. Every visitor to the website may ask a question using a special form, check other visitors’ questions in the FAQs section, as well as propose his or her own ideas. 



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