Aequitas NEO Exchange preps launch

Source: Aequitas

The Aequitas NEO Exchange will launch Friday, March 27, 2015 and mark the 'first trade'.

Members of the NEO executive team, Aequitas NEO Exchange Board of Directors and Aequitas Innovations Board of Directors will be joined by prominent executives representing our shareholders, government officials and industry stakeholders to celebrate this generational milestone where we will truly alter the Canadian capital markets for the better.

Two years ago Aequitas Innovations shared a vision of an innovative and cost-efficient marketplace, which puts the needs of investors, capital-raising companies and their dealers first and restores focus on the original purpose of an exchange: the efficient allocation of capital between investor and capital-raiser as a central force driving the Canadian economy.

This vision becoming a reality, with the first day of trading on the NEO Exchange - an exchange Canadians can believe in. An exchange the industry can be proud of. An exchange that will advantage all.

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