Actinver taps SunGard to launch derivatives trading and clearing business

Source: Actinver

Actinver, one of Mexico's largest financial institutions, has launched a derivatives trading and clearing business utilizing SunGard's Valdi Order Management system (OMS) and Stream Post-Trade real-time, back-office processing system for listed and cleared OTC derivatives.

Sophisticated technology, ease of integration, local market knowledge and support, along with a managed services business model to help increase efficiency while reducing risk and cost, were all reasons Actinver cited for choosing SunGard as its technology provider.

Using SunGard’s solutions in a managed services environment provided Actinver with rapid implementation of an integrated front- to back-office solution that delivers electronic market access, low total cost of ownership (TCO), and the flexibility to support future business growth. Actinver became an active clearing member of the Mexican Derivatives Exchange (MexDer) in August 2014, and has been listed on the Bolsa Mexcana de Valores (Mexican Stock Exchange) since 2010.

“SunGard’s solutions are an integral part of Actinver’s ongoing initiative to better serve the retail investor by providing access to a wide range of investment options and financial markets through our Bursanet online trading platform. The addition of derivatives to Bursanet will help clients diversify their portfolios and complement their investment strategies. SunGard has made this endeavor possible by providing a rich set of capabilities for order management and back-office derivatives processing, and serving as a trusted business partner, making the experience seamless for our clients as well as efficient, cost-effective and flexible for Actinver.”  – Juan Pablo Márquez Vargas, investor relations, Actinver

“Financial institutions in growing markets need to be able to adapt quickly to meet client demand. By providing an integrated, flexible solution for online retail derivatives trading, SunGard is helping Actinver capitalize on opportunities in retail investing. Leveraging innovation, smart operations through managed services and a rewarding client experience, Actinver now has the flexibility to expand and evolve its offerings in the future. SunGard’s unique combination of technology and services will help provide Actinver with the increased adaptability, scalability and efficiency they need to grow and compete over the long term.”  – Leticia Ortega, managing director, Mexico, SunGard

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