Bitreserve launches money transfer visualisation site

Source: Bitreserve

Today, launched a new and beautiful data visualisation site:

It's a fully interactive site that uniquely illustrates real time money transfer around the moveable globe including details about where Bitreserve members are located, which currencies they’re holding and where they are sending it. 

This historic tool to visualise digital money transfers is in line with what Bitreserves believe to be the tenets of digital currency — inclusion, fairness and transparency. provides insights into the growth of digital money around the globe. 

The technology
The site also represents a massive technical feat: it’s a responsive WebGL experience for smartphones, tablets and desktop. It's one of the few sites where real-time 3D is seamlessly integrated into regular web content with all elements connected together so that manipulating certain elements on the page affects the WebGL content, and vice versa.

Why visit?
Visitors to the site can send themselves $1 in the currency of their choice just by entering their email — a small step toward billions of people around the globe having their first access to basic financial services. 

Some background 

  • Founded by Halsey Minor in 2013, is the first cloud money company to hold, transfer and transact any currency or commodity without the need for traditional banking. 
  • Its platform provides an open API from which any business across any industry can innovate. 
  • Since launching three months ago, more than 40 companies have plugged into Bitreserve’s API and $10million of digital currency has been converted, sent and received for free using the platform. 
  • Last month, Bitreserve crowdfunded a record $10million Series B round - the largest in crowdfunding history. 

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