Linedata upgrades fund administrator platform

Source: Linedata

Linedata (NYSE Euronext: LIN), the global solutions provider dedicated to the investment management and credit industries, today announced significant updates to the fund administrator platform, Linedata Admin Edge.

These enhancements are in three key areas. Firstly, there is improved integration and automation of data flows between the fund accounting and transfer agency areas. Secondly, in the fund accounting element, there are developments which streamline and automate key processes, along with enhancements to the underlying core technology. The third area of enhancement of this new version of Linedata Admin Edge is to the transfer agency element, delivering FATCA and other regulatory updates, enhancements to its allocations module and updates to NSCC functionality. All of these improvements will enable client companies to meet stake holder demands more efficiently, and to reduce operational risk.

The Linedata Admin Edge end-to-end fund administration platform now has tighter integration to create seamless movement of data and simple toggling between fund accounting and transfer agency functions. One example of this tighter integration is the automation of the full lifecycle of a valuation, enabling seamless transition from fund accounting to transfer agency functions for actions such as capital share activity and NAV dissemination. This makes Linedata Admin Edge an even more sophisticated tool for fund administrators looking for a single solution to meet all their needs, being equally suited to addressing both traditional and alternative fund administration.

In Linedata Mfact, the fund accounting engine powering Linedata Admin Edge, one new time-saving and risk-reducing feature is a redesigned reversals and corrections module which improves the automation of all background calculations and processing steps required when changes to historical transactions are needed. Linedata Mfact also sees significant changes in the underlying operating technology. From a data structure point of view, the database has been redesigned to allow for the speedier roll-out of technologies such as stored procedures, leveraging the power of the Oracle database for current and ffuture developments. These changes alongside other technology initiatives are part of a continuing investment in core technology to further improve the processing speed and stability of the application.

This new version of Linedata Admin Edge also includes regulatory and other enhancements to Linedata Mshare, its transfer agency software. Linedata Mshare now enables transfer agent users to set up FATCA reporting such that the reports are run automatically, accessing data from the product, and forwarded to the authorities in the required XML format, reducing the administrative overhead whilst maintaining full compliance with the regulation. There are also AIFMD and FormPF updates to ensure that Linedata Mshare is up to date on all regulations, as well as enhancements to the NSCC module. Linedata Mshare adheres to Linedata's policy of closely following regulation and market practice to ensure that products reflect or even anticipate requirements.

In this latest version, Linedata Mshare also has improved partnership-level reporting in the Allocations Module, the sophisticated yet intuitive solution which automates allocations for complex fund structures, calculates fees and computes then posts the Net Asset Value for each Share Class, Series, Side pocket or individual partner in the fund.

Thierry Soret, Head of Back Office Asset Management at Linedata, explains, "Linedata believes that automation is the key to efficiency and lower operational risk in the back office. In this latest version of Linedata Admin Edge, we have brought together a number of initiatives that bring real streamlining and automation to fund administration. We have also made enhancements to underlying technologies to ensure robustness and speed of operation, and we have kept ahead of the regulatory requirements that our fund administrator clients need to deal with in today's market. Furthermore, improved integration of the elements of our Linedata Admin Edge platform means that we can offer a unique end-to-end administrator, SMA or LGIP solution which can cover a wide variety of fund types, instruments and investment styles. We continue to invest in Linedata Admin Edge and our other products to ensure that our offerings are functionally and technologically advanced and supports our clients in their growth, across all markets and geographies." 

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