PayPal taps Braintree to enable one-touch payments for Lyft taxi-app users

Source: PayPal

At PayPal, we're focused on driving innovation that adds value to people's everyday lives.

We know that mobile technology is becoming more central to people’s lives, so purchasing on mobile needs to be easy, convenient and seamless. In that spirit, we’re pleased to announce that we’re now working with Lyft to add another link to that chain of convenience.

Starting today, One Touch™ with PayPal, powered by Braintree, will be integrated into the Lyft app for iOS. That means customers on Apple devices will be able to log in, sync their payment information, and pay for Lyft rides with literally one push of a button. That also means no typing in credit card numbers, no remembering login details, and best of all – speed, security and ease.

To celebrate One Touch™ coming to the Lyft app, we’re collaborating with Lyft to bring SXSW attendees quite the special experience – Magic Mode. SXSW attendees who request a ride in Magic Mode could get the chance to get picked in amazing cars like an original Mini Cooper, 1963 Bentley, Tesla Model S or others… all while loading up on some cool swag like Lyft x PayPal sunglasses or a Cuddlestache. And as an added bonus, if you pay with PayPal, you get $5 off your first Magic Mode ride. 

Travel in style and get your Lyft app ready – SXSW starts this Friday!

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