First Community Bank implements EFT Source card issuance tech

Source: EFT Source

EFT Source, a CPI Card Group company, announced today that First Community Bank, based in Corpus Christi, Texas with more than $377 million in assets, has implemented its patented, instant issuance solution, Card@Once®, across its entire branch network.

EFT Source is a provider of turnkey card programs and personalization services for ATM and debit cards to financial institutions. 

First Community Bank began exploring instant issuance as a way to provide a higher level of service to its customers through the delivery of new and replacement debit cards on-site. After selecting Card@Once, the bank deployed the solution at seven of its existing branches and cited a seamless, 60 day implementation process. Because of its success, First Community Bank then rolled out Card@Once at its remaining locations, enabling the institution to provide permanent, fully functioning payment cards from any location within its branch network. 

When a customer requests a new or replacement card, First Community Bank securely transfers data from the branch location to EFT Source, where it is processed into an encrypted file and returned to the branch electronically. Card@Once then encodes the data and prints the card, delivering a personalized, ready-to-use card within seconds. Card@Once is also EMV-capable, eliminating the cost of purchasing new equipment and supporting the bank’s transition to chip cards. 

“The smooth implementation of Card@Once was critical because we were managing three different projects during that time, all of which were focused on increasing customer convenience and satisfaction,” said JoAnn Sullivan, Vice President of Operations. “Card@Once has paid off in multiple ways. Customers can walk out with a card in hand and our staff can handle card requests in-house, saving us additional shipping and service costs.” 

Following a high-profile data breach in September 2014, First Community Bank leveraged Card@Once to replace more than 400 cards, bypassing the traditional method of cancelling the card and mailing its replacement to the account holder, a process that could take up to 10 days. Instead, bankers called the customers, notified them of the breach and explained that their replacement card could be picked up at their nearest branch. 

“First Community Bank epitomizes the spirit of community banking and its heavy focus on maximizing efficiency is a primary driver of its success,” said Bill Dinker, president of EFT Source. “Instant issuance is just one of several initiatives that illustrate their commitment to customer service by delivering cards in seconds – not days. In addition to increased loyalty throughout the community, this effort provides significant savings by eliminating shipping costs.”

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