MasterCard and Microsoft partner to promote financial inclusion in Mexico

Source: MasterCard

MasterCard and Microsoft announced a partnership to promote economic development in Mexico by supporting the base of the economy, the micro merchant, through comprehensive projects and innovative solutions in information technology, communication and payments.

The partnership considers actions focused on the micro merchant segment to make greater use of electronic payments and to encourage the legality and formality of technological products and services. In addition, the alliance will promote financial inclusion through the technological network of MasterCard and technology of Microsoft, grant high added value benefits to the customers of both companies, offer access to specialized content related to technology and productivity in businesses, and grant access to on-line training to develop new business skills.

Thanks to this partnership, Microsoft and MasterCard will develop the following projects:

Integration of financial products and technological solutions: both organizations will work with important financial companies to design and offer new products integrated to Microsoft technological solutions.
Projects with the public sector: Microsoft and MasterCard will collaborate with the Federal Government and with various State Governments to design, build, and implement comprehensive projects. The Federal Government, the Ministry of Economy and the INADEM (National Entrepreneur Institute) will play an essential role in obtaining the funds required and ensuring that the tools reach micro merchants without the need of investing their own resources. At a state level, efforts will be focused on strengthening the strategic sectors with the highest impact on the economy of each state, offering technological tools and payment channels. Basic business management training will also be offered. The intention with these measures enhance the productivity of the micro merchant.
Platform integration: in this initiative, Microsoft and MasterCard will integrate their platforms to ensure that new forms of payment applications work on Microsoft platforms.

Both companies will also assess potential synergies in the development of new technologies for payments. These platforms are oriented to offer high added value solutions and products for the entrepreneurial sector, covering the whole range, from large corporations to microbusinesses.

Antonio Junco, President of MasterCard Mexico and Central America, said: “Micro merchants are a very important segment in Mexico, representing 99.8% of the companies in our country. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to provide them with innovative technological tools that allow them to be more productive and competitive and grow in the national economy. Our partnership with Microsoft strengthens the strategy we launched to include micro merchants in the financial sector and to encourage them to accept different payment channels in their business plan. Microsoft is an important partner and player in the segment and we feel really pleased to cement this partnership.”

Through this partnership, MasterCard customers will enjoy different Microsoft products - software and hardware included - such as Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, devices with Windows 8 and Smartphone’s, which will act as point of sale terminals.

Juan Alberto González Esparza, director general of Microsoft Mexico, added: “Micro merchants must operate in a challenging and highly competitive environment. Not only do they have to face other domestic companies and businesses, but they must also compete with companies from different parts of the world. They require, therefore, to be positioned in the forefront to offer their final user all the advantages and channels given by big competitors. This partnership will provide them with solutions to give that next step, not only in terms of competitiveness but also in issues that have to do with relationships with their customers and end users. Together, Microsoft and MasterCard will make the tools available so that micro merchants can work with better management practices, tools that drive their productivity, and access to platforms they could not access before”.

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