TickCOM launches automated trading front end for smartphones

Source: TickCOM

TickCOM, the technology leader within strategy development for automated trading, is releasing an automated trading frontend iSTRAT oriented at the Smart Phone market.

A frontend where entry level users on-the-fly and within seconds can develop custom strategies from a Smart Phone for automated trading. The offering can be integrated with MT4 servers.

The user experience is similar to social and copy trading, with the main difference that the user is developing his own custom strategies, versus the fixed social and copy trading.

Users had till today no other choice than to follow other traders or signals, without any influence of the outcome - we have changed this, providing the entry level users with a choice of having more influence on their automated trading.

The strategies are developed within seconds using data to the last minute, and thereby strategies fit to perform in the market. The output from the iSTRAT strategy testing is equity charts, similar to social and copy trading where the user is selecting among equity charts.

It is for the first time possible for entry level users to develop custom strategies from a Smart Phone, institutional grade development, not in months, but in seconds - which opens a new market to more than 500 million super users of Smart Phones and gaming.

Providing this new kind of strategy development, solves the problem of brokers having to manage and pay strategy providers or trade leaders.  iSTRAT further provide the users with custom automated trading, giving the user an influence on the automated trading, where the trader today only have the choice of using fixed financial trading.

The user do not need to know about technical indicators, strategy development, how to trade - but use conceptual thinking, since an equity chart is a visual presentation. We are thereby continuing the path of bringing financial trading to the broader market, and in particular automated trading . iSTRAT is at the edge of the possible using institutional technologies, pushing this edge forward within strategy development  and automated trading.

The user can perform risk management by building balanced portfolios of strategies, using different currency pairs, or even several strategies from same currency pair. Stop loss and gain levels can be set on portfolio level. Using a portfolio of strategies lower the risk of trading, similar to trading a portfolio of stocks, or institutional pair trading.

Having a tool where strategies can be developed on-the-fly within seconds, fit to perform right now in the market, opens for new forms of day trading - and opens for many trading styles within automated trading.

Some traders may use iSTRAT as a day trading tool,  adjusting, developing new strategies,  starting stopping portfolios/strategies as the day move along, others may over time collect strategies in specific portfolios, which he by experience know works on specific days or periods. Some users may develop a portfolio each morning, setting exit levels, and wait see if the stop loss or the gain exit level is hit first - a form of binary option trading, but the user has an influence of the outcome in iSTRAT, since strategies and portfolios can be adjusted during the day.

Custom Templates for iSTRAT can be developed in our institutional trading and development platform VisualStation, providing traders wanting to be in full control almost unlimited strategy development, using the technologies for visual custom development of charts, technical indicators, strategies and templates for iSTRAT, non-programming. iSTRAT thereby span from the entry level user to the professional trader.

iSTRAT is a high trading volume App for MT4 brokers, available for Android, iPhone, Windows and MAC, a possible replacement for social and copy trading, in particular oriented at users who want to have more control, than by using social or copy trading.

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