Payworks launches NFC POS

Source: payworks

payworks, a payment platform for developers, has launched an NFC enabled payment terminal, helping developers to accept card payments in their mobile applications for the Point of Sale.

The solution supports both contactless and contact-based transactions and works with NFC, EMV and magstripe cards as well as smartphone based solutions such as Apple Pay or LoopPay. One of the first users of the solution is orderbird, a leading provider of an iPad based Point of Sale system in Europe. orderbird recently launched their integrated payment product with the NFC terminal together with its strategic partner and Acquirer ConCardis to their more than 3,000 customers.

payworks allows a seamless integration of payment functionality into mobile applications such as orderbird’s Point of Sale platform and enables quick on-boarding of merchants via automated processes. In contrast to the majority of developer focused payment platforms on the market, which mainly deal with online merchants, payworks focuses on enabling payment acceptance at the Point of Sale, where 90 percent of all payment transactions happen.

Jakob Schreyer, founder and CEO of orderbird, explains: “The payworks platform offers us the flexibility to integrate various payment solutions while working with our preferred acquiring partner. As a central and independent payment platform payworks helps us to grow and internationalize. In addition payworks provides the right solution for our open API and partner strategy. Our development team saves time and maintenance through the powerful payworks SDK.”

“We are excited about the launch of our new NFC solution and we are very happy that we can count orderbird and ConCardis to the first users. orderbird is at the forefront of delivering a customer friendly cashier system solution to the hospitality sector and their commitment is a great confirmation of payworks’ developer focused approach”, comments Christian Deger, founder & CEO of payworks.

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