New rewards system for eToro's top traders

Source: eToro

eToro, the world's leading social investment network with 4m users in 140 countries, is recruiting the world's best traders by rewarding them with a wide variety of financial benefits.

eToro's 'Popular Investor Programme' recognises traders who work hardest to build their networks on the eToro platform, manage relationships with their followers and copiers, share their opinions and strategies and actively engage with the community.

The more popular they become, the more copiers they attract and the greater the funds they accrue in their own and their copiers' portfolios, the greater the rewards. These include a 2% rebate on assets under management, 25% revenue share and 100% rebate on all trading fees.

The innovation is already proving to be highly popular, as top traders seek ever more innovative ways to brand themselves and create buzz around their ideas and strategies, making videos, presenting webinars and inviting their followers to attend brainstorming hang outs.

Says eToro Head of Communications Nadav Avidan:

"This is a revolution in trading and the future of money management, a sector known for its exclusivity, expense, smoke and mirrors. We are shifting it into the digital age with complete transparency and inclusivity, at low cost. Our active traders are the new stock pickers and money managers, who put their money where their expertise leads them for all to see, and our traders are free to follow, engage with, learn from and copy as few or as many of them as they wish".

By rewarding these 'popular traders' for the time they spend building networks and researching the markets for their own and the entire communities' benefit, eToro enables them to dedicate more time to improving their game.

Says Avidan,

"Twitter made us familiar with the concept of "following". Our breakthrough has been to transfer that concept to the world of stock trading. Now we are developing a supportive environment in which traders who find the world of finance to be intimidating and expensive, can engage freely with experts, while rewarding those experts for their time and expertise. It is a win win all roound, but with all things the greatest rewards will come to those who work hardest. Traders will have to seek out the best traders eToro has to offer, and those Top Traders will profit by working hard to apply both their social, and their trading skills, to benefit the entire eToro community". 

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