Intelligent Point of Sale reports 500 outlets using iPad-based POS

Source: Intelligent Point of Sale

iPad-based software house Intelligent Point of Sale has announced it is now supporting 500 unique outlets and national retailers after its customer base grew by 200% in 2014.

The firm’s EPOS (electronic point of sale) app, intelligentpos®, is used on iPads. Users can download the cloud-based point of sale technology from the App Store.

Offering their users practical benefits such as contract-less relationships and seven day phone support, Intelligent Point of Sale has also introduced unique features including a customer loyalty system driven by barcoded key fobs and card payment tokenization. The app also benefits from full Verifone and Xero integration.

Intelligent Point of Sale has already secured multiple national deals including electronic cigarette retailers VIP who operate 35 UK outlets, the UKs largest festival operator Underbelly, and Canadian coffee giant Second Cup.

The self-funded Scottish start-up was the first to market an iPad based till system for UK retail and hospitality users in 2012. The app offers users a cost-saving and portable till system with an intuitive software platform natively written in Objective-C and API’s hosted on the innovative Fortrabbit php hosting platform.

Intelligent Point of Sale, who featured at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe 2014’s, appearing on start-up alley, currently employs 14 members of staff in Scotland. The software house expects to expand its staff significantly throughout the next year. A round of fundraising is planned for 2015, alongside the development of licensing agreements worldwide.

Robin Knox, Director at Intelligent Point of Sale Limited, said:

“We’re delighted to now be supporting 500 unique outlets across the UK and abroad. Both myself and co-founder Paul come from hospitality backgrounds, and designed intelligentpos® with staff and business owners squarely in mind.

“With increasing amounts of SMEs looking to cut overhead costs and cater to increasingly tech-savvy customer bases, more are turning to innovative point of sale solutions which increase their control and efficiency.

“Since becoming the UKs first firm to supply iPad based till software we’re aware that there is significant competition in the growing EPOS sector. We’ve always chosen usability over design and feel that this is testament to our success so far.

“After a successful year in 2014, we’re ready to look forward to investment opportunities and will be looking for willing licensing partners to take intelligentpos® abroad.”

The intelligentpos® system employs the SaaS (Software as a service) model, allowing users to benefit from external hosting and instant software updates.

Unlike other tablet based POS systems, the app is designed to work offline, allowing users to add products and make sales without an internet connection.

Robin added:

“intelligentpos® software is designed in-house and we also offer our seven-day technical support directly from our Edinburgh office. Outsourcing our services has never appealed to our business as customer satisfaction is what keeps us moving forward as a business.

“We choose our software platforms very carefully in order to provide robustness and longevity rather than just design which may look nice but doesn’t always deliver an ergonomic product.

“When we started we decided to write the app natively in Objective-c in order to focus on usability. It became a realisation that writing the application in a non-native language would make it run too sluggishly for the fast-paced environments intelligentpos® is intended to be used in.

“Our users are also involved in the design process as we carefully monitor their voting on intelligentpos® features - meaning they let us know what works and what doesn’t.”

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