GoldenSource integrates EDM platform with Avox APIs

Source: GoldenSource

GoldenSource, the leading independent provider of Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solutions for the securities and investment industry, announced today the integration of its EDM platform with Avox Limited 's web-based application programming interfaces (APIs).

Avox, which provides legal entity reference data, recently launched a series of web-based APIs designed to support faster access to its information, including legal entity identifiers (LEIs), legal names, addresses, industry classifications and corporate hierarchies. GoldenSource's integration with these services will enable its clients to bring legal entity data into the GoldenSource platform on a real time basis. In addition, clients will be able to acquire Avox data held on their entities of interest on a request/response basis and then access and manage this data within GoldenSource's EDM platform. The integration will facilitate client on-boarding and counterparty data management as well as help firms to satisfy regulatory requirements, including EMIR and FATCA.

Neill Vanlint, Global Managing Director of GoldenSource said: "Avox provides critical information about legal entities and their relationships. We are pleased to integrate with their newly released API, which gives users of GoldenSource Customers & Counterparties for entity data management additional control and flexibility. The service will add value to trading, operations, risk and compliance areas of both buy side and sell side institutions."

Mark Davies, Managing Director of Avox, said: "Goldensource recognises the value of real time entity data retrieval and management capability. The combination of Avox data and GoldenSource technology represents a significant advance in moving entity data management into the heart of firms' operations." 

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