MePIN launches unified mobile security and authentication platform

Source: MePIN

Legacy e-banking security solutions are clumsy, requiring hardware dongles or one-time-passcodes. Same solutions have been used for online payments authentication, causing consumer and merchant frustration and payment dropouts.

MePIN , the global online user authentication and transaction authorization provider, has released a solution to secure omni-channel e-banking, 3-D Secure, online wallets, trading and more. Using the strong Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based solution, consumers can authorize payments and e-banking access using a simple tap, PIN entry or a fingerprint swipe in a banking app. MePIN's dynamic authentication policy allows the financial service providers to select the most suitable method for authorizing various types of transactions.

With the MePIN technology each login and transaction event is cryptographically verified with a digitally signed challenge-response process, accompanied with a local PIN or fingerprint verification if required. Bundled into an app, the solution places great emphasis on end user convenience. In practice, it helps banks and service providers reduce fraud and payment dropouts. Regarding user data and privacy; the MePIN security key can be linked with a user account without any user interaction, i.e. it does not need the user's phone number or SIM card to function.

"People worry about getting their financial and personal information stolen online. The industry needs convenient solutions with uncompromised security to fix this", states Mr. Markku Mehtälä, Founder and CEO of MePIN / Meontrust Inc. "Without usability there's no security. We've worked hard to make complex PKI into an enjoyable experience for the users", he continues.

The MePIN solution has been developed since 2010 in Finland. The company, Meontrust Inc, is venture funded by VisionPlus and Vendep venture funds, Finnish public funding agency Tekes, as well as private investors from the United States and Hong Kong. Meontrust Inc is part of the MasterCard Start Path strategic program and a FIDO Alliance member. 

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