Banco Santander controls operational risks with NetGuardians

Source: NetGuardians

Banco Santander (Suisse) SA has selected NG|Screener, the innovative software solution from NetGuardians, to help them proactively meet requirements in a strict international regulatory environment.

The move comes particularly in light of recent revisions to FINMA directives (2008/21) affecting the bank's Swiss-based operations. These revisions integrate qualitative regulatory requirements in line with international standards.

NG|Screener uses smart behavioural analysis to monitor and analyze all user activities in real time, offering continuous control of all operational risks from business operations to IT. Alerts allow rapid intervention and automated reports facilitate reporting and auditing. Santander will integrate NG|Screener around their Temenos core banking platform. The NG|Screener for Temenos solution has already proven results with many banks worldwide.

"NG|Screener for Temenos is designed specifically for the realities of today's international regulatory standards. By integrating NG|Screener into their infrastructure, Banco Santander (Suisse) SA will gain a sophisticated, sustainable solution to meet their risk management goals. We are very pleased that Banco Santander (Suisse) SA has selected NG|Screener for their needs."

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