NCR ships new model ATM

Source: NCR

NCR Corporation (NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, today announced the North American launch of the NCR SelfServ™ 23, a contemporary freestanding cash dispenser featuring the latest in security, software and dispensing technologies.

The SelfServ 23 includes NCR’s new, S2 Media Dispense Module, which has increased the capacity in cassettes by 17 percent - up to 2,500 notes.

The SelfServ 23 features new software and security features in order to improve consumer experience and reduce costs associated with operating the ATM network. SelfService Assistant for APTRA™ makes first-line maintenance easier, featuring a full-motion video lead through to assist staff with routine upkeep. In addition, a software-enabled express recovery feature makes reboot time faster during second-line maintenance calls.

“The SelfServ 23 enables financial institutions to grow their business and serve more customers in a cost effective manner while delivering an unrivalled consumer experience,” said Adam Crighton, general manager of Financial Services hardware, NCR. “By combining the latest in software and security technology into an attractive, consumer-friendly hardware design, the SelfServ 23 helps financial institutions meet the challenges of growth, operational efficiency and responsibility to their customers.”

Security on the SelfServ 23 has been “designed in” rather than “bolted on” in reaction to risks. NCR has taken a holistic approach to security on the SelfServ 23, protecting all potential points of compromise from insider attacks such as cash trapping, card skimming and dispenser manipulations on the ATM. To further enhance security, the CEN 1 safe body is exactly the same strength as the door. The safe provides 66 percent more resistance to full access attacks and 50 percent more resistance to attacks to remove a cassette.

The SelfServ 23 is designed to meet global accessibility standards and is fully EMV compliant. The next generation of consumer interactions is enabled through multi-touch and pinch/swipe gesture capability. These functions enable consumers to undertake a wide range of transactions and interactions at the ATM, such as mobile cash withdrawal or contactless card reading.

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