ILumen and Inmatrix to integrate financial analysis and risk data

Source: ILumen

In a joint release today, Inmatrix and iLumen, Inc. announced a strategic relationship to design an integration of iLumen's Private Company Financial Network with Inmatrix's suite of credit risk and relationship management solutions.

With over seven million private companies in the United States alone, there is a significant demand for solutions that deliver insight into the financial performance of the private sector. Financial institutions, accounting firms and corporations would benefit from the real-time, electronic flow of standardized financial statement data through the iLumen Financial Information Network that could be used with Inmatrix's comprehensive suite of credit risk and relationship management solutions.

"Inmatrix specializes in developing management software products that provide valuable financial analysis, diagnostic and communication tools for banks, accountants and corporations," said Robert Woosley, Chief Executive Officer of iLumen. "As a leading international technology provider with a shared focus on private company financial information, Inmatrix was a natural fit for iLumen's expanding Financial Information Network."

"Partnering with iLumen to provide a flow of clean, repeatable data from their Financial Information Network into the Inmatrix suite of solutions represents a powerful offering to our customers," said David Allen, Chief Executive Officer of Inmatrix. "By providing an automatic, standardized feed of data, iLumen will help us ensure the financial information going into our risk management and scenario modeling tools is as accurate as possible so our customers can realize the greatest benefit."

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