AgriCharts launches cloud-based service for accessing commodity market data

Source: AgriCharts

AgriCharts, the agricultural commodity division of Barchart, which provides market data and technology solutions to the agricultural industry, announces the launch of AgriCharts OnDemand (

AgriCharts OnDemand is a cloud-based service developed for accessing and delivering commodity market data and information using web services APIs. As an API-based service, AgriCharts OnDemand makes it easier and more affordable for website, mobile app and software developers to integrate data and information. AgriCharts OnDemand is built upon the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure and features an extensive inventory of web services APIs and market data, including: commodity pricing for grain, oilseed and livestock futures; cash grain bids based on zip code from grain elevators across the United States and Canada; commodity market news and commentary; and, weather, including conditions, forecasts and maps.

"As a cloud-based service, AgriCharts OnDemand offers enterprise-class reliability, rapid deployment and scalability, and a usage-based pricing model," said Mark Haraburda, Managing Director of AgriCharts. "We are making it easier and more affordable for our clients to integrate commodity data and information that drives their business. Our APIs are compatible with any operating system and programming language, so this is also a very flexible solution," added Haraburda.  

AgriCharts OnDemand features a variety of market data APIs, such as getQuote (real-time, delayed or end-of-day data), getHistory (historical market data), getFuturesOptions (options on futures, including standard, as well as weekly and short dated options), getGrainBids (local cash grain bids by zip code), getUSDAGrainPrices (daily cash grain prices for major regional locations), getFuturesSpecifications (futures contract specifications), getNews (USDA, market commentary and agrimedia sources) and getWeather (conditions, forecasts and maps). The APIs support both GET and POST requests, as well as SOAP, and data can be delivered in multiple formats like XML, JSON and CSV. And, as a web services solution, AgriCharts OnDemand is compatible with any operating system, such as Windows, Linux, iOS or Android, and any programming language, such as Java, PHP or ASP.NET.

AgriCharts OnDemand features a usage based pricing model which allows firms to select levels of service that correspond to the frequency of their data requests. This pricing model combined with the rapid scalability available through AWS allows AgriCharts OnDemand to service businesses of all sizes. AgriCharts OnDemand is built for agribusinesses that rely on commodity data and information like grain elevators and cooperatives, grain trading firms and brokers, agrimedia, risk management and accounting software providers, and mobile app developers.

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