Vantage partners IBM Watson cognitive intelligence for investment research tool

Source: Vantage Software

Vantage Software has combined its private equity know-how with state-of-the-art cognitive computing capabilities from IBM Watson to create Coalesce, a software tool designed to help investment managers make faster, more accurate decisions.

Coalesce analyzes and evaluates thousands of pages of information, instantly searching through market intelligence, risk profile and financial performance data to provide intelligent support for investment decisions. 

Accessing the right information to make informed decisions has become a time-consuming burden for businesses.  Workers in every domain are overwhelmed by the exponential growth of digital content that calls for a new generation of data intelligence tools to sift through mountains of information. 

Coalesce learns from interactions with investment managers, using knowledge of how they perform research to deliver them with a broader picture of the market landscape and financial implications when conducting their due diligence on investments - a process which typically involves months of analyzing thousands of pages about a company's profile, risk factors, management and competitive landscape. 

With Coalesce, Vantage has developed a solution that helps organizations better leverage their employees' institutional knowledge, combined with public and proprietary sources, to generate insights that can lead to better investment decisions.

Vantage unveiled its Coalesce product at the Private Equity International CFO and COO Forum in New York City this month.  "We are thrilled to partner with IBM Watson to deliver our vision of intelligent computing for the investment sector. The power of Watson's cognitive capabilities heralds a new era of technology that will transform how investment research is conducted," said Greg Woolf, founder and CEO of Vantage Software.

IBM Watson is a cognitive computing system that uses natural language processing, machine learning and advanced analytics to process information in a manner that is similar to the way people think. Watson answers complex questions posed in everyday language, while continually learning through interactions with users.  

"ractions with users.  

"To meet market and client expectations, the financial service industry is reinventing itself and looking for ways to provide evidence-based actionable insights, in real-time, delivering bottom line performance while mitigating risks," said Stephen Gold, vice president, IBM Watson Group. "Vantage is well positioned to help enhance, scale and accelerate the expertise of financial professionals by allowing them to gain a new level of insight into market data, systematically learn with each interaction and outcome, and provide an overall improved experience."

"With the introduction of Coalesce, Vantage Software extends its well-rounded suite of investment research products that enable investment managers to make superior investments with lower risk and higher returns to their investors.  Coalesce is the qualitative, natural language counterpart to Vantage Insight™, our leading tool for quantitative investment performance analysis," says Woolf.

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