New version of UL Collis Compliance Test Suites for GlobalPlatform qualified

Source: UL

UL is pleased to announce UL's Collis Compliance Test Suites for GlobalPlatform SWP and HCI UICC were again successfully qualified after completion of the GlobalPlatform TestFest process.

The Collis Compliance Test Suites for GlobalPlatform SWP and HCI UICC have been updated to reflect the latest versions of the ETSI test specifications and have achieved qualified status under the GlobalPlatform Compliance Program.

These test suites allow running, on the one hand, a full set of test cases covering the latest ETSI specifications. On the other hand, the set of GlobalPlatform qualified test cases are available to allow to test whether a UICC is GlobalPlatform compliant. The development of these test suites has been finalized and obtained official validation by GlobalPlatform.

Maxim Dyachenko, Service Line Manager Test Tools at UL’s Transaction Security division, added: “Over the past years, smart card technology has changed considerably. Many smart card applications in various industries rely on GlobalPlatform technology for personalization, key management and security. Adding new GlobalPlatform configuration specifications keeps our existing portfolio of certified GlobalPlatform test suites up to date with the GlobalPlatform Compliance Program, empowering our customers to use the latest versions of these test suites.” The Collis Compliance Test Suite for GlobalPlatform SWP UICC (v2.0.0) implements the latest test specification ETSI TS 102 694-2 for SWP UICC whereas the Collis Compliance Test Suite for GlobalPlatform HCI UICC (v2.0.0) implements the test specification ETSI TS 102 695-2 for HCI UICC.

Additional test suites that complete the Collis GlobalPlatform (GP) Compliance Test Suite portfolio are the test suites for GP UICC Configuration, GP Basic Financial Configuration, GP UICC Contactless Extension, GP UICC SCP81 Extension (Amendment B), GP ID Configuration, GP Common Implementation Configuration, GP Mapping Guidelines, GP SE Access Control Card, GP SE Configuration, and GP UICC Memory Management Extension (Amendment C).

UL is also a GlobalPlatform (GP) qualified laboratory that provides test certification services to confirm a product's compliance to GP specifications using GP qualified test tools. UL has been qualified under the GlobalPlatform compliance program for approvals testing according to GP configuration specifications. UL’s expertise in this field extends into services for debugging and consultancy in all areas surrounding GP certification services.

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