PayPal Here reader compatible with Microsoft Surface; EMV support incoming

Source: PayPal

In the three years since its launch, PayPal Here has become one of the easiest ways for millions of small businesses to get paid - wherever they do business.

Today, we spotlight the value of collaboration, unveiling a new PayPal Here reader that will also include payment support for Microsoft Surface and other Windows devices through our efforts with Microsoft. Small businesses that use the PayPal Here reader, Windows 8.1 app, and SDK on these devices will benefit from the same world-class product features and customer support enjoyed by existing PayPal Here users. Later this year, we're bringing an EMV-compliant PayPal Here reader to the US, a technology that small businesses throughout the UK and Australia have already been using with great success. In short, PayPal Here continually evolves with new and innovative functionality to help small businesses serve their customers and increase sales. Additional advantages of this solution for small businesses are outlined on the Microsoft Surface blog today.

Value of Collaboration: PayPal Here for Windows

PayPal loves collaborating with other smart technology leaders to put new products and features into the hands of retailers. With help from Microsoft, select small businesses can now accept credit card, debit card, and PayPal transactions using the Windows platform—via the PayPal Here SDK and, very soon, the PayPal Here app. PayPal Here compatibility will become available for the Surface Pro 3 tablet, the Lumia 830 and 635 smartphones, and other devices that operate on Windows 8.1. In addition, Microsoft and PayPal will be working with ISV partners such as Canvas and iConnectPOS, who are committed to developing custom business apps for the Windows SDK platform. For example, iConnectPOS, will be integrating the SDK so that merchants like Bridal Boutique can process sales on their Surface Pro 3 devices.

PayPal Here reader for EMV & Contactless Support

For the past two years, the PayPal Here app and EMV card reader have helped contribute to an 80 percent drop in card fraud in the UK and Australia, while providing people a way to pay that is as fast as it is secure. We're pleased to share the availability of this technology will expand to small businesses in the U.S. later this year, with support for iOS, Android, and Windows. An updated PayPal Here reader is being developed to support EMV and contactless transactions for small businesses that connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth, enabling them to accept any chip card, magnetic stripe card, or contactless payment form, including mobile wallets.

Customized Payment Apps

The PayPal Here SDK that we previously announced as a pilot for iOS and Android devices will officially launch later this month, allowing developers to easily integrate PayPal Here payment functionality into the custom apps they build for small businesses. With this flexibility, small business owners can enjoy the full range of innovative PayPal checkout benefits - including the ability to take credit card, debit card, and other forms of payment on the go, manage CRM and inventory, create and maintain invoices, and more - in a way that addresses the specific needs of their unique business. And, whether a small business is leveraging a third-party-created app with the PPH SDK for iOS, Android, or now via our Windows pilot, all transactions will be processed using the same high security standards as the PayPal Here app, giving small businesses peace of mind that they are receiving best-in-class fraud protection.

Adding Value to Businesses of All Sizes

While 2015 has just begun, the opportunities for small businesses this year already seem boundless. We look forward to playing an even bigger role in helping small businesses succeed, and it all starts here. 

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