CardMobili launches beacon for proximity based marketing in digital wallets

Source: CardMobili

CardMobili, a leading provider of advanced digital wallet solutions, has launched an industry-first beacon solution that is capable of being fully integrated into a digital wallet platform.

Designed to provide all the brands in a digital wallet ecosystem (wallet owner, merchants and service providers) with a unique set of tools for in-store and proximity based marketing, it is incorporated into the latest release of CardMobili’s market leading end-to-end digital wallet platform.

The concept behind CardMobili’s beacon solution is to provide wallet owners with a powerful set of new marketing initiatives that help increase customer acquisition and influence purchasing decisions. In-store traffic and sales activity also benefit, through greater customer engagement and an enhanced customer experience. CardMobili’s solution is beacon-hardware agnostic, enabling it to be deployed in all types of commercial wallet application – for example, fully integrated with a mobile network operators’ existing digital wallet ecosystem, as well as within individual partner brands’ wallets. Bluetooth beacons can be configured and managed within the system, giving wallet owners full control over the design and mobile experience enjoyed by customers across both iOS and Android devices – also providing an important competitive edge for partner SMBs and large enterprises. Key benefits of CardMobili’s innovative beacon solution include:

  • Beacons can be deployed as an acquisition tool for seamless registration on to loyalty programmes. 
  • Beacon messages can be transmitted to provide a guided customer experience while shopping. 
  • Marketing campaigns can be easily designed and launched, such as promotions, offers or coupons to influence shopper decisions and behaviour. 
  • Detailed metrics are available to track each beacon’s performance. 


Helena Leite, CEO of CardMobili explains the advantages of this new approach:

“With our new beacon solution, we have created a uniquely new apped a uniquely new approach for creating targeted in-store proximity-based experiences. For example, we can now ensure that a particular offer is zoned specifically to a department or aisle within a store. It can be used as an acquisition tool for seamless registration into loyalty programmes, or even to deliver in-app messages to customers for a value-added mobile experience while shopping. The overall effect is extremely powerful, unlocking a raft of new marketing tools that can be used to help influence shopping behaviour with carefully targeted marketing campaigns – typically comprising offers, coupons, deals or sale information. Merchants and service providers can access a full set of metrics, giving them precise information about the impact of specific beacons, as well as the ability to measure their marketing ROI in order to optimise their technology investment. We believe that this is an exciting development that could fundamentally change how we shop in the future. For wallet owners, it is a powerful new proposition that will help boost revenues and deliver a new generation of services.”

A leading innovator in powering digital wallets, CardMobili has already established a strong track record for partnership expertise and solutions that transform a digital wallet strategy into winning business propositions, including leading mobile network operators, blue chip retail brands and major financial institutions among its client base. Among CardMobili’s most recent projects is the enablement of Portugal Telecom’s new digital wallet strategy, including the launch of MEO CardMobili – Portugal Telecom’s free smartphone application that links loyalty cards and discounts.

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