Copay bitcoin wallet platform arrives in Windows Phone app store

Source: Copay

Copay, an open source multi-signature bitcoin wallet platform, is now available for free on the Windows Phone app store.

Copay is an open source project led by BitPay, the world's leading bitcoin payment processor which processes Microsoft's bitcoin payments. The app's launch was during the first day of CES, the country's largest technology show.

BitPay has been steadily designing and building Copay since early 2014 for its own corporate use. The company built Copay's software with the intention of providing an open source foundation on which ultra-secure bitcoin wallet services can be built. The software is used for transactions that require multiple authorizations, making it ideal for corporate fund management.

"This is one of our contributions to the Bitcoin technology," said Stephen Pair, CEO of BitPay. "Microsoft's support has enabled us to make our code available to a new group of developers and companies. We look forward to seeing how Copay evolves."

While it is still beta software, the Copay app demonstrates the power and capabilities of the platform. BitPay encourages developers to review and build upon its software, as well as release robust wallets and commercial services based on Copay. To test the app, download Copay from the Windows Phone app store. 

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