Europe's first chargeback remediation specialist, Global Risk Technologies, launches

Source: Global Risk Technologies

International dynamic risk mitigation services firm Global Risk Technologies has launched in Europe to bring its unique end-to-end risk management solutions to European merchants, helping acquirers and issuers minimise chargebacks.

The Global Risk Technologies solution is like no other in the European market today and is guaranteed to achieve results via effective, highly-scalable and sustainable technology designed for outsourced post-chargeback processing, risk mitigation and merchant education.

Designed to meet the appetite in Europe for effective, sustainable chargeback remediation, Global Risk Technologies’ solution identifies the right target and helps decrease the negative impacts of chargebacks, thereby increasing processing retention and revenues, and helping combat cyber-shoplifting, resulting in sustainable, secure growth.

Based out of Dublin, Ireland, Global Risk Technologies’ product and service in Europe will be driven by CIO Monica Eaton and Business Development Director Colum Rafferty. The company aims to free redundant resources dominated by reactive risk management mechanisms and help revolutionise and standardise these processes by providing an end-to-end solution that manages each component in its entirety.

Built upon years of risk management experience, Global Risk Technologies will focus on bringing exclusive solutions for ecommerce payment processing to merchants in the European market.

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