CSFB to roll out CityNet Conversation Checker module in NY and Singapore

Source: City Networks

City Networks, provider of software and services to the treasury, securities and derivatives markets, today announced that Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) has purchased CityNet Conversation Checker for its New York and Singapore branches.

Top-tier financial institutions such as CSFB have chosen CityNet Conversation Checker to increase their operational efficiency and decrease operational risk by automating and centralizing control of conversational dealing from varied electronic trading sources. User-friendly screens and intuitive data flow ease the process of automatically storing, analyzing and reconciling conversations with tickets from Reuters, EBS, Bloomberg and other online trading systems. Costly errors and manual processing are reduced: missed trades are highlighted and non-trade related conversations are managed automatically.

Conversation Checker's management of multiple financial instruments, including: FX, FX Swaps, Money Market, Call Deposits and FX Options is further enhanced by its powerful and rapid search functionality. Firms are also replacing their antiquated paper archives with Conversation Checker's highly efficient electronic storage and retrieval methods. Compliance concerns are negated by the recording of all system actions and events which are presented with user-friendly and intuitive screens.

Janet Yagle, the Managing Director of City Networks Inc. noted: "We are confident that Conversation Checker's ability to enhance CSFB's operational risk management by providing electronic STP for conversational Reuters trades will compliment the Firm's business strategies. The improvement in operational efficiency is further increased with the automated processing of FX Options. The complexity of these Options conversations assures an even higher return on investment for our customers. We look forward to working with CSFB as they enhance their risk management controls and grow their business."

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