Voicekey launches voice-biometrics mPOS device

Source: Voicekey

After successfully completing the second phase of a SBRi mCommerce contract, funded by Innovate UK, Voicekey Limited is launching its innovative mobile-point-of-sale solution.

Voicekey’s CEO Dr Tony Allen commented, “We are delighted with the final outcome of this contract. The market ready mCommerce solution that has been developed enables mobile commerce to be conducted in a convenient, secure and inclusive manner. The use of conventional consumer smart devices as well as industry leading retail mobile-point-of-sale hardware devices allows for easy uptake of the solution by both retailer and consumer.”

The Voicekey mPOS solution has the following innovative attributes: • It uses voice identity certificates to increase the security of the mCommerce transactions.

• It uses dynamic barcode displays on the mobile phone in order to provide real-time confirmation of transaction payment.

• It was designed to be inclusive from the outset - allowing secure and easy use by children and vulnerable users.

Voicekey is working with one of the world’s leading mobile enterprises suppliers as the primary route to market. Contact with the technical and marketing teams at Enterprise business’ Motorola Solutions, now part of Zebra Technologies, confirms that the use of SB1 as a mobile point of sale device within a mCommerce system is innovative. Paul Norford (Regional Product Manager for SB1 in Europe Middle East and Africa) stated that “To the best our knowledge within Enterprise business, now part of Zebra Technologies Europe, this is the first time that the SB1 has been used in this role.”

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