Syz & Co continues use of NX Manager for front and middle-office operations

Source: SYZ & CO

The Swiss banking group SYZ & CO, voted "Best Private Banking Boutique in the Global Private Banking Awards 2014", has extended its use of NX Manager to help to support its growth plans. Created in 1996, the SYZ & CO Group is considered as one of the recent success stories in the Swiss Financial sector.

A customer since 2009, the SYZ & CO Group decided to renew its relationship given NX Manager’s proven robustness and ability to increase operational efficiency while reducing risk. In today’s environment of enhanced complexity in investment strategies and regulatory pressure, the bank relies on NX Manager to be the backbone of its front and middle-office operations. The application provides an integrated investment management solution with real-time position-keeping customizable dashboards, extensive instrument coverage and robust portfolio analytics. SYZ & CO Group also use NX Compliance for pre and post-trade compliance.

Pierre Antoni, Head of Asset Management IT Projects at SYZ & CO, said “We have decided to extend our relationship with NeoXam as NX Manager has enabled us to significantly improve our productivity by automating portfolio management and compliance functions. In a changing Swiss banking landscape with high pressure on costs, NX Manager also appears to be the most cost-efficient solution while providing a great quality level. We rely on NX Manager as our IBOR platform to get a single comprehensive real-time accurate view of our positions. The quality of the long standing relationship with the team and the support provided were also key to our decision. We are able to focus on our core investment management expertise and therefore provide better quality services to our customers. SYZ & CO has a strong growth strategy and NX Manager is the right solution to scale for future growth both domestically and globally.”

Serge Delpla, Chief Executive Officer of NeoXam, said, “ We are very pleased with Group SYZ & CO’s decision. This demonstrates NX Manager’s proven reliability and key role in the asset management space. NeoXam is entirely focusing on helping its customers to address the latest industry challenges through robust and innovative solutions. Group SYZ & CO has been convinced by our strategy focused on quality and cost-efficiency. We look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration with SYZ & CO to help streamline its operations and scale for growth.”

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