Tradimo develops Wikipedia-like widget for financial trading jargon

Source: Tradimo

Tradimo, the hugely successful online trading school, has added a new, free widget to the Tradable AppStore to help the growing number of new traders to access information about trading terminology.

From basic concepts about trading and technical analysis to central banking terms such as tapering and macroeconomic indicators, the Wikipedia-style widget provides information to traders from within their trading platform and via a direct link through to the Tradipedia page on the Tradimo website.

According to Jannick Malling, CEO of Tradable, “Accessing this information straight from the trading platform enhances the experience for the growing number of novice traders and provides simplicity and convenience. We are delighted that Tradimo has chosen to develop an app for the Tradable AppStore. It’s such a useful resource.”

Sebastian Kuhnert, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Tradimo adds: “The future of learning is interactive and immersive. Learning to trade inside your trading platform through the Tradimo Tradipedia app on Tradable is a very good first step into that direction.”

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